All’s Well That Ends Well

We trudged into the gardens this weekend and did the unhappy deed. 

All of the perennial flowers were cut back to the soil, roses pruned down, herbs harvested for the last time of the season, peach trees topped off, and garlic bed mulched for winter.

While it was good to get this annual chore done in time (we had our first frost in this area this very weekend), I always feel a little subverted afterward. There is no chance whatsoever that summer will make a comeback this year (I think everyone else figures that out before I do), and the long winter is upon us. Today is October 19.

I had my husband shaking his head in disbelief while we were working. While it was plenty cold enough outside for the hoody I was wearing, I had bare feet the whole time. Some things are just too, too hard to let go of.


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