Dannon Light & Fit ‘Yogurt’ – Oh Yuck!

Not the garden, but a word about something else that matters. Food.

A work colleague brought in lots of containers of Dannon Light & Fit ‘yogurt’ for everyone, which is a very kind thing to do. So I grabbed a peach-flavored one and gave it a try. Oh my YUCK! It tasted like saccharine-sweetened grossness. I dropped my spoon and checked the label. Here’s what Dannon calls ‘yogurt’:

Frustose modified corn starch
Modified food starch
Artificial flavor
Artificial color (the peach is colored with Red 40)
Maltic acid
Potassium sorbate
Acesulfane potassium
Sodium citrate
Synthetic vitamins A and D3

What? I stopped and tossed out the little plastic container, which is not biodegradable, by the way. Into the waste stream it goes.

Shame on Dannon for marketing this synthetic compound as yogurt. For the tiny amount of milk, water, and peach they include, it’s terrible that they throw in everything else but the kitchen sink, package it in a pretty purple container for the ladies, and broadcast that it’s just 80 calories a cup. Who cares about calories when you’re ingesting poison? And it makes me sad that we buy this and consider it a better snack alternative than a much more honest doughnut.

I make my own yogurt with nothing more than milk and culture. Milk and culture is what yogurt is. And it’s ridiculously simple to make. Much easier than driving to the store and paying for this ‘Light & Fit’ concoction, which is not actually food.

Here’s a yummy recipe for peach yogurt: Put some of your homemade, plain yogurt in a bowl. Slice fresh peaches and spread over the top; then, if you have a real sweet tooth, drizzle some raw honey or agave over it. 

Delicious. Real.


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