A New Blog, and a New Spin on Our Garden Cucumbers

My Ancestry DNA test went out in the mail this morning. There will be an approximate two-month wait for results.

I’m busy designing a new platform for this blog, which is 10 years old. I won’t be able to carry over the content of this blog to the new site, so it looks like if I have to, I’ll close this blog down and start fresh. We’ll see how it goes. I’m psyched about the new design.

Blogspot is an old program that hasn’t kept up with the times. I don’t like the way the blog has been looking. We all need easy-to-read, clear templates that are user and reader friendly. This blog’s readership has really grown in the past year, which makes me happy, but it also means that I owe it to readers to make it all easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. I also need to concentrate on good content and not managing design. It’s been a fun, long run with Blogspot, but it’s time to move on. I’ll let you all know when launch day is here.

Today is April 4, and we’ll be having rain for weeks. Sure, I’d love sunshine and warm spring temperatures, but it’s best to gracefully (and gratefully) accept that Mother Earth sends, knowing that she’ll take good care of us all, as she always has.

This month, the Asian veggie seeds will be started indoors, and we’ll be on our way. Our mainly Asian food gardens this summer will be interesting. We’re also committed to setting side space for the traditional veggies our families and friends like. Our eternal problem with the food gardens is the excess of slicing cucumbers. We always end up giving away tons of them, because there’s only so many salads we can eat.

But I discovered a YouTuber named Dan McDonald, a raw vegan living in Kauai, who sings the praises of cucumber juice. He’s about my age and has perfect skin, which he attributes to the juice. After I saw his vid on juicing cucumbers, I realized that the surplus of cucumbers we have each summer has a higher purpose. God thing we brought the Breville juicer last year. What could be more delicious and hydrating on a hot summer day than cold, super-fresh cucumber juice, chock full of minerals and vitamins? Can’t wait.

All is well at the homestead. We trying to shrug off the fatigue of a sedentary winter and get into the groove of spring. This weekend, my husband and I worked on our new deck. I planted some yellow violas in a conical hanging basket at the front of the house. The bonsai got some fresh air outdoors.

Live in peace.

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