Aw Yeah, We’re Planting the Greens Bed!

We’re planting the greens bed this weekend! I’m beyond psyched. Under the warm protection of the polytunnels, the seeds will germinate fast. By Memorial Day, we’ll have a fat bed of lettuces, spinach, chard, basil, Italian parsley, arugula, and dandelion. Salads and green juices here we come!

This is also the weekend when I’ll be planting our summer veggie seeds in the propagator. Given one month of germination there, and one week of acclimation outdoors, they’ll go into the ground just before Memorial Day.

I’ve never germinated our new varieties of Asian veggie seeds before, so it will all be a learning experience. I’ll be keeping track of their development here. We’ve decided to pass on the melons this year and focus more on pure green foods. This weekend is the start of it all, alleluia! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this moment.

I hung a very cool upcycled conical wicker basket full of yellow violas at our front door 2 weeks ago, a beautiful, bright welcome to spring. Then, two nights ago, my husband noticed a sparrow building a nest in the basket. So, our spring welcome has become a new home for a sparrow family, and that’s fine with me. No more watering now: we just have to let the pretty flowers die. Sad, but there’s no way I’m uprooting the sparrows.

We’re spending Easter weekend at the homestead. My husband will be working on our new deck, and I’ll be putting in the greens bed. We’re going to one of our favorite restaurants for an Easter meal. Other than that, we’ll be home, napping, and gearing up for the best time of the year – summer!

Every year, when it looks like winter is all over and I realize that we survived another one, that summer is coming and we’re in good health and able to start the food gardens, I always – always – feel so completely blessed and grateful. Take nothing for granted, loves. To be able to experience summer again is a gift. Embrace and appreciate it.

Finally, I want to commend to you a fantastic, 30-minute recording for meditation. I’ve been using this every morning for a while, and it’s beyond great. Go online and search for ‘Inspired Tranquility’ by DaVinci Brainwaves. Find the free download, and get it on your phone. Here’s the one I found:

If you’re resistant to meditation, or have a hard time disciplining yourself, this will help. Simply go to a quiet place, get comfortable on a big soft chair or couch (or your meditation mat), put in your earphones, close your eyes, and let the recording clear and soothe your mind. Thirty minutes a day, that’s it. Do more if you’d like.

Start each day with meditation, even if it’s just 30 minutes on the couch in an easy meditation pose, listening quietly and comfortably to something like DaVinci Brainwaves. I guarantee you’ll love it, and it will amplify your day, every day. You so deserve it.

Live in peace.

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