Getting to Know My Doshas

I’ve been super busy and haven’t posted here in a while, and this post will be brief. We’ve been having some typical New England late summer weather: nights cold enough to put a little burn on the plants that are still outdoors, then 80 degrees or higher by noon. This is layering weather: I’m shivering in a sweater in the morning and down to a cami top by lunch.

Our patchouli plants don’t like it, but the papaya tree seems to be thriving. By the end of the month, I’ll have to bring it indoors. All the tenders are already inside. It’s definitely September.

Since I last posted, I’ve committed completely to an ayurvedic hygiene regime. I decided to let my hair go natural, and had 3 inches of burned, busted ombre cut off over the weekend (traumatic). That ombre just killed my hair. I'm putting artifice aside for good and am going to embrace my hair's natural color and wave.

I gave away my flat iron and blow dryer, threw away my hair brushes, and went to the Indian grocery and bought amla, skikaki, neutral henna, neem powder, coconut oil, castor oil, mustard seed oil, two sandalwood wide-tooth combs, and even a tongue scraper. I also picked up two tubes of neem toothpaste, and 10 bars of ayurvedic Chandrika soap. I’ve been doing Indian scalp massages and gauging my doshas throughout the day. 

It will be an interesting journey. I’m totally convinced that ayurvedic hygiene is the oldest and best care for all the doshas. I’ll keep you posted.

A friend and I are going to New York City in a few weeks, and my husband and I are planning a day in Vermont. As I said, I’ve been crazy busy lately, but it’s a happy and serene busy: getting a lot of inner work done and doing a lot of evolving. Reading a lot of Rohinton Mistry. Drinking a lot of tea. Studying Ayurveda intensely, incorporating ayurvedic foods, and sleeping deeply. All is well.

Much love,
Barbie xo 

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