Basil, dill, chives

It's the first day of spring! So, the basil, dill and Italian chive seeds go under the lights. We're having an early spring, so I worry that the basil will be ready to go out before the outside is ready for the basil, but thanks to global warming, that may no longer be of any concern.
Anyway, I cleared and disinfected a rack on the growlights (photo 1), then organized seeds, soil starter, sterile starting pots, scissors (photo 2), and my poor bathtub (too much gardening happens in there).
Everything was planted up in 20 minutes and went under the lights (photo 3), boosted with a little 6-12-6 biofertilizer, and then the lights were dropped down within about 1 inch of the soil surface (photo 4).
A prayer of supplication to the Green Man, and we're off! Anyone interested in a pot of basil, dill or Italian chives (all imported Franchi seeds, the best of the best!) let me know, and I'll put your name on a pot!
Welcome, spring - and thank you, thank you, Mother E.!

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