Evolution of a spring garden

The lettuce was moved today from the grow lights to outside under a cold frame. The first planting of the season is always so sweet. But there is a method. Lettuce is a cool-weather vegetable, but there are still very cold nights to come, and likely some frosts, so starting the young plants off under a CF is the way to go.

Start with good soil, compost-enriched, and moist. Sunny location. The cold frame from last year is in great shape. I measured the width of the CF interior and marked off the whole plot for the lettuce. Tilled the soil, and removed leaves and other debris that collected in winter. Lots of seashells in this patch of soil, all of which I threw in last year and the year before. As they break down, they provide natural lime for the garden.

Then the lettuce went in! Neat rows of four clumps per row, which will likely be thinned in a couple of weeks (as this is Romaine, the heads will get large). I expect some die off, as the plants were moved abruptly from the warm grow lights to the cool outdoors (really I should acclimate them) and some shock will occur. But the CF gets nice and warm on sunny days - often TOO warm for lettuce (then you have to vent - see photo).

Then place inside the CF a piece of amethyst, the power crystal that's rich with physical, spiritual, spirit, and crystal energy. A great boost for a rigorous garden! The CF is placed over the plot, closed, and left to warm up as quickly as possible.

By lifting one of the panels, I can cool the interior of the CF and prevent plant burn. We're off! Thank you Mother E!!!

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