Bees and me

With the honeybee population plummeting, it's within anyone's reach to make a small dent in the damage by inviting bees - particularly Orchard Masons - into their garden. Kinsman and Co. manufactures an excellent bee house; it's very affordable ($9 to $16, depending on size), long lasting, easy to maintain and a cinch to install. Remember, we need bees to pollinate our gardens! Plus they're pretty and they make a cute buzzing sound. They're absolutely needed. Check out this article for a good look at the honeybee decline:
I hung our honeybee house last night while doing spring birdhouse chores (cleaning, repairing, replacing). Bees like bright sunshine and a sheltered spot. Our bee house is south-facing under the eaves of the porch. Attached with a simple, flexible bracket. Welcome honeybees!

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