Carrots, dandelion, arugula, spinach

Arugula from grow lights ready for transplant.

Arugula in the ground.

And...I potted up some dinnerplate dahlias to go under the grow lights until May.

It was a sunny but windy (50 mph!) second day of spring, yet the muses dictated it was time to plant the cool-weather vegetables. So, armed with spade, shovel, turning fork, Franchi seeds, plant markers, row cover and rocks, I attacked our small vegetable plot. Four long rows (one of each veggie) were planted in about 45 minutes and one painfully wrenched back later (I'm WAY out of shape since last tilling the earth). A long stretch of row cover will keep topsoil from eroding in these hurricane-like wind gusts, and provide SOME protection from the temperatures (it's COLD tonight!) and keep birds off the seeds.
Also, the arugula I planted under the lights indoors last week was ready to go outside under the coldframe (arugula is a FAST germinator). Seedlings just about 1/2" tall, but they burst forth with that exquisite, sharp arugula fragrance! Franchi seeds of course. Please. Don't bother getting your arugula seeds anywhere else.
Chives I put under lights several weeks ago are not doing great (Burpee seeds), so I think I'll put them in the ground tomorrow (back condition permitting) and hope for the best. BUT...received delivery of Franchi chive seeds this week and have planted them up under the lights, expecting a much better yield! So anyone who requested chives last month, don't despair. I believe our friends from Italy will not disappoint. Can't wait for the basil and dill to make their appearance. Stay tuned.
Blessed Good Friday...

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