Seed soak

It's that time again. Growing moonflowers and morning glories is the easiest thing ever, but you should SOAK these hard seeds for at least 24 hours before planting.
I put them in some warm water last night, and have changed the water a couple of times since then. Today, we bought several six-packs of pansies, which I planted, and then put the empty six-pack holders through the dishwasher (upper rack) to disinfect.
Tomorrow, I'll re-use these clean six-packs to start the flower seeds, which should have softened by then. (I'll use remaining six-packs to start some basil for friends. Remember, recycle!)
Some gardeners like to nick these kinds of seeds with clippers (like toenail clippers), and I've done that, but it's worked just as well for me with the less-invasive soaking.
Once again, anyone with an interest in morning glories or moonflowerss, let me know. I'll have a surplus for sure! They like lots of sun, something to climb on (wall, post, etc.) and poor to average soil. No fussing required.

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