Early Crops!

The summer squash plants flowered a couple of weeks ago, and now, we have small squash growing. Within a week, we will be eating fresh, organic squash. There are tomatoes on the tomato plants. Eggplant has bloomed, and within a few days, we should see shiny purple and white eggplant emerge.

This is all exceptionally early, and it’s wonderful!

We planted really early this year, as a garden experiment, to see if we could lengthen the fleeting New England growing season. The experiment has proved a tremendous success so far. The only thing we need to do is sow another crop of some of the foods. These plants have life spans, after all, and once they have produced all the vegetables they can, they begin to die.

Don’t want that happening in early August, so this weekend, I plan to sow more squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and basil. These young plants should grow through summer and give us food in late August and September.

The holy basil is finally looking alive. It’s a slow germinator. Looking forward to some fresh tulsi tea. A green juice I made two days ago featured our garden spearmint and Italian parsley. Tonight, I’m going to sauté some of our garden kale.

Yesterday, I made some delicious, fresh basil/almond pesto (with the basil I started from seed indoors in March, which is now going to seed), and some more sun tea (hibiscus/passion fruit, sweetened with honey). Today’s lunch was a salad featuring our greens. It’s all so good.


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