Flowers on Eggplants, and Meditating on my Navel

Going back for while to my beautiful alma mater - Wesleyan University

An update on the garden: we have big, purple flowers on the eggplant plants now. Like the tomatoes, this is early in the season for the plants to be setting fruit. So now I know it’s not an affliction of the tomatoes. 

It has something to do with how early we planted, the half-ton of cow manure we put down, and the sudden, hot weather of May. Or could it be something more sinister? Global warming? Sinister GMO crops sending their pollen out on the wind? I hope to find out. Let me know if your food crops are maturing unusually early this summer.

On a different note, I have been practicing navel meditation and mindful eating every day in preparation for the first Shin Buddhism class this month. It’s our first assignment – practice navel meditation and mindful eating every day, and report the results in class.

This is a very well-designed course. The afternoon class period is preceded by 2 hours of sitting meditation and Sangha fellowship. I’m really excited about this new journey. I’ve never studied or practiced Shin, so this is going to be all getting to know something that was formally unknown. Very cool. And I’ll be back walking the grassy quads at my wonderful alma mater – Wesleyan University. Very, very cool.

We have tons of leaf lettuce and kale now - more than we can eat - so if you’re hungry, stop by the little homestead and I’ll send you off with bags of yummy, fresh, organic, GMO-free greens.


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