Updates from the Homestead, and Energy Medicine

The sun has finally returned after more than a week of cold rain. I’m delighted to report that everything is drying out. The dark pink peonies are blooming in the garden out front. Peonies are beautiful flowers with the one flaw that they only bloom just once, in late spring or early summer. 

I wish they were all-summer-long bloomers. Peonies bring me back to an early summer trip to the Hamptons, where pale pink and white peonies were in bloom everywhere. I love that certain flowers have the power to bring me back to wonderful places I’ve been.

There are flowers on the ancho and jalapeno chili plants in the food garden. It’s time to trellis the green beans, which are putting out long tendrils now. Squash plants also need some support.

Now that it’s warm enough to go barefoot, I’ve been earthing more (I still use my earthing mat under my feet indoors, and carry my earthing sandals everywhere). I blogged about earthing last winter, when it was all new to me. Since then, the sequel to the film ‘Grounding’ has come out. I want to see ‘Grounding 2’ soon.

Earthing is very basic, and scientific, in case you’re tempted to dismiss it as snake oil: the Earth’s metabolism and our metabolisms all run on a DC current: all the electronics we are surrounded with run on an alternating (AC) current, something alien to our natural biorhythms. When we connect back to that natural DC resonance, it’s a wonderful balm for our bodies. It brings us back to where we’re supposed to be. 

I mean, computers and other electric conveniences have made life easier in one way, but in another way, blast them. They, and rubber-soled shoes, have created this big disconnect between us and the tremendous energy medicine the Earth has to offer.

Check out Intuition Physician online for more on the medical community’s support of earthing.

I’m personally convinced that the each individual’s chakra alignment has an important effect on the impact of earthing on each unique body. As a quick example, I am very, very root chakra centered. And since earthing draws energy down, to the root, I feel less of an immediate impact than say, someone whose chakra alignment is higher, at or near the crown (including the throat and heart chakras). 

For these people (and animals), earthing’s effects are pronounced right away. All that energy crowded near their crowns is pulled downward, earthward, to regions of the body where energy is typically weak.

But whatever your alignment, earthing is a potent way to bring your energy back to where it should be – in harmony with Mother Earth’s. So here’s to a barefoot summer! Just try it. You have nothing at all to lose.


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