June is Winding Down

We’ve been gorging on summer squash. My husband and I are bringing bags of it to our work places. Everyone has the same reaction – “You have squash already?” The risk we took in planting all the food seeds on May 2 has really paid off!

But it was a risk. We had a very warm, dry May this year, perfect for jump starting young vegetable plants. But it could have gone differently.

We have tomatoes on the vines, eggplant almost ready to pick, hot peppers fattening up, and tons of yellow and green squash. The green bean and cucumber plants are covered with flowers.

No sign of flowers on the purple tomatillos yet. I hope we have them before August. Homemade salsa.

Rain fell all weekend. The Shin Buddhism class was wonderful, and on Saturday, my husband and I went out to dinner and I discovered mango-strawberry-lime margaritas.



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