An Hour in a Float Tank: The Best Christmas Gift Ever!

 Here's some of the lettuce I pulled from the garden today

It was a great Christmas. My husband and I slept late, cuddled in bed, stayed low and quiet, made a delicious dinner, and napped. The dogs played all day with their new toys.

One of the BEST gifts I received this year is a gift certificate for one hour in a float room. Have you ever seen the film Altered States? Sensory deprivation and the floatation tank? Well, that’s it, except this facility offers a small room for your float, instead of a tiny tank. I’m so incredibly psyched to give this a try!

I also received a gift certificate for a natal chart, and another for a past life portrait (with story). Very, very cool stuff.

These kinds of gifts really make me happy and grateful. Experiences. Things that satisfy my unyielding curiosity. Sure, you can give me a thing, but things don’t satisfy more than a day. Experiences reach into eternity.

One thing I did receive from my brother that is in fact awesome is a gorgeous brass Tibetan wind chime. It’s hanging at the front of the house. My husband gave me a pair of UGGS, and my mother, a pair of snow shoes. Practical and good things.

Today, I pulled lettuce and spinach from the greens bed. It’s December 27, and it reached 61 degrees. I’m wild for the idea that we can have fresh lettuce for sandwiches and salads now. I also planted some potatoes – old ones from our pantry that had developed ‘eyes’. Why not? The alternative is to compost, or toss into the waste stream. I’d rather get more potatoes.

The year is drawing down. 2016 is almost here. 2015 was a year of tremendous blessings. Time to pay it forward.

Peace on Earth

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