Pineal Gland, Mindful Dying, Melanin, and Lucid Dreaming

When your beautiful temple of a body wants attention, heed it.

It’s awesome how things happen. Over the past year, I’ve been doing a lot of lucid dream work. If you haven’t explored LD, you are missing out on some of the most profound psychic experiences you can have. For a basic explanation of LD, go here: 

I started exploring lucid dreaming in college. A friend was training himself in LD, and mentioned the practice to me. I gave it a go with some success, but dropped the ball under the pressures of graduate school, study abroad, writing a difficult master’s thesis, and eventually, Ph.D. studies. But after all that proving myself in academia, I returned to LD. Then, 2015 saw a strong, renewed interest for me.

Lucid dreaming, in the simplest terms I can think of, is a take-charge-of-your-dream-life experience of oneness with all. Individual consciousness separates us from the world. I am the subject; everything else is the object. Me, you. Us, them. This, as all Buddhists know, is an illusion - the illusion of self. It’s personally damaging, and keeps us from attaining samsara. In an LD, the illusion of self collapses. Subject and object are one. It’s liberating, exhilarating, eye opening, and life changing. LD is a form of spiritual path. But please read up on it to get a better breakdown than this.

So here’s what happened. I stumbled across this chaga tea recently, and fell in love with its taste and medicinal properties. I’m pretty much obsessed. And incidentally, this past year has seen a strong personal focus on third eye opening, which is a necessary property of lucid dreaming.

In researching chaga, I discovered that one of its most powerful and prolific constituents is melanin (found mainly in the chaga ‘bark’). Melanin is that dark stuff that gives you your eye, skin, and hair color, but it is also a critical polymer needed for the function of the pineal gland, that rice-sized body in your epithalamus that secretes melatonin, a hormone that governs sleep patterns (and therefore, consciousness). Because of its location and function, the pineal gland is considered the seat of the third eye.

At the moment of death, the pineal gland dumps a bucket load of DMT into the brain. DMT is a powerful hallucinogenic that drives feelings of intense euphoria and cancels out pain. It seems to me that this is the body’s final act of kindness: mitigating the difficulty of death. It’s been observed that for several minutes after clinical death, the tidal wave of DMT in your brain continues to ease any last perceptible stress.

Chaga is an absolute superfood for the pineal gland. So what a coincidence that I’ve been focusing on third eye ascension so intently, and just happen to stumble across chaga. Organic, wild harvested chaga is so chock full of melanin that one would be smart to not drink too much chaga tea. A gallon over 3 days is probably the most you should take. I’ll never come near to consuming that much.

So there you go. Mindful living and mindful dying, both facilitated by the melanin in chaga.

Things always, always go like this. The body has a dearth that leads the mind to a subconscious process of seeking a solution. The third eye is sluggish. Out of nowhere, chaga catches the eye. Chaga is melanin rich. Melanin feeds and vitalizes the pineal gland - the seat of the third eye.

It’s cold and rainy today. I made a pot of po cha this morning. This rich Tibetan black tea is fortifying and comforting in winter.

I’m looking forward to tonight. My beautiful husband and I are going out to dinner, picking up some Christmas goodies, going home, firing up the fireplace, and watching the football game.

All is blessed, and I’m grateful.

I’ll never stop being amazed with the oneness of it all.

May your life force grow and prosper

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