Resting My Head on Hulls

Ordered two of these awesome organic millet hull pillows from my new favorite, Vitality Massage:

I bought the extra-large size for the snuggle factor. I also ordered a couple of extra pillow covers. The extra covers are for when I wash covers and line dry outside, and also for when I want to change chakra colors. 

Pretty much everything in our house is earth tones, so I ordered the sage-patterned covers for the heart chakra (fulcrum). But chakras are always shifting, so I also ordered the floral-patterned cases, which have also a little red in there, for when my root chakra needs attention.

I really like the philosophy behind VM. Owner Brett Rodgers is an entrepreneur, masseuse, and holistic counselor. He dispensed with his massage therapist license a while ago (“I don’t want to work for the government”) and now practices Ashiatsu massage on his own terms. His YouTube videos are very cool. He’s a super down-to-earth guy doing good work in the world. And his dog is also insanely cool.

I always spend my money on what people like Brett make with their amazing hands, rather than things made in China sweat shops. That mass-produced, cheaply made, and often dangerous junk always carries with it a lot of the sadness of the people who toiled under miserable conditions to make it. I don’t bring that energy into our home. 

These pillows are made in a little house in the North Carolina countryside, by a groovy guy who’s walking the walk.

Peace on Earth

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