Copper Vessel Water and the Oligodynamic Effect

This is my new tamba, a copper vessel for storing drinking water. You generally store your water in this for 16 hours before drinking at room temperature

I received a couple of questions about copper vessel water, particularly the tambas that I mentioned in my last post.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the ayurvedic approach to copper water. Copper is an essential micronutrient that we all need to live. By incorporating copper water in our diets, we can reap some real health benefits including anemia relief, soothing of the digestion, regulation of the thyroid (particularly useful for women), stimulation of the brain, and improvement of fertility. Copper kills many water microorganisms that include virus and bacteria.

It’s called the oligodynamic effect - the science of storing drinking water in copper vessels and the resultant purified, amplified water. Don’t worry about getting too much copper: you would have to drink more than four liters of copper vessel water a day to just begin to exceed your daily requirement for copper. 

Most dietary copper comes from fresh, whole foods like leafy greens, but as you can guess, most of us don’t get enough copper in our daily diets. Copper water is a great supplement.

Back to the garden: I’m thinking of asking for a wall-attached garden water fountain for my birthday. This is a big dollar item, but it would not just be an object of beauty and serenity in our garden space. Birds would drink and bathe at the fountain during the hot, dry summer days. I really like that.


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