See it: ‘The Ghosts in Our Machine’

There are so many important films out there now. My husband and I have Netflix streaming, and it’s great to have access to meaningful documentaries about issues that are dear to us. For only eight dollars a month, I enthusiastically recommend it.

We just watched the documentary ‘The Ghosts in Our Machine’. Journalist Jo-Anne McArthur photographs the lives and deaths of animals used in medical and dental research, teaching, and those who are raised for slaughter and fur and dairy production.

The theme of the human-animal relationship, which today is legally based on ownership and slavery, never gets old. And as disturbing as images like these are, they are thoroughly convincing. They reveal truth, and change people’s minds.

I solemnly believe that one day, people will look back on this era and shake their heads in disbelief. Like we shake our heads now at the thought of human slavery and women’s suffrage, it will be impossible to people to understand how humans could have ever been this cruel to those who are simply another part of this family of Earth.

I also know that we are all basically compassionate. And if we’re given the opportunity to care, we will.

Live in peace.

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