Garden-Fresh Buddha Bowl for Dinner, and Cowspiracy

Just want to share a pic of this amazing, fresh, greens-from-the-garden Buddha bowl we had for dinner last night. 

Our own home grown organic lettuces, arugula, spinach, parsley, basil, and chives, coupled with one roasted sweet potato and one red bell pepper I got from Garden of Light. I made an agave, rice vinegar, hemp oil, and Dijon mustard dressing for it, and sprinkled it all with a little Himalayan pink salt. 

I ate it like a beast. I was so happy to be eating dinner from the garden. Buddha bowls are groovy. Home grown greens are awesome. Yay, spring!

On another note, I watched the movie Cowspiracy last night. It's an epic documentary that reveals just how many precious Earth resources are exploited to produce beef for human consumption, and how agribusiness, and beef production - or, to put it more plainly and honestly, the raising and slaughtering of cows for steaks and burgers - poisons the land and waterways, pollutes the air, decimates the prairies and rainforests, and takes food from the mouths of our hungry brothers and sisters around the world. And how fat corporate big wheels don't want anyone to know or talk or think or blog about it.

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