Honest Owl, and some Ravi Shankar

My first order of Honest Owl vegan cosmetics and body care has arrived!

We planted even more Italian parsley last night. Like basil, succession planting is the way to go with parsley. Once parsley plants mature and begin going to seed, the flavor and texture of the herb wanes. So, in another month, we’ll plant some more, and again in July, and that should be it for the season.

Today’s lunch is whole wheat angel hair pasta with olive oil and a lot of our garden arugula and parsley, and a salad of our garden greens. It’s amazing how quickly our diets change to include much fresher, organic, whole, raw foods once we get into May.

One more week to the month. Today is rain, and pretty cool, only in the 60s. But starting tomorrow, temperatures will rise close to 90 degrees. The vegetable garden is going to love this.

Yesterday, my delivery of Honest Owl vegan cosmetics and body care arrived. I’m almost completely transitioned out of commercial cosmetics. It’s a real pleasure to give my money to small batch, home-based, conscientious makers of cruelty-free, vegan products.

I never knew before how irresponsible the cosmetics industry has become, and how insanely overpriced products from Mac, Sephora, and Bobby Brown (my old go-to brands) are. For makeup and body care now, I’m using Etherealle and Honest Owl, both can be found on Etsy: for hair care, Morocco Method, Vital Goods, Truly Organic, Lani, and Aubrey.
Soon, I will narrow things down to one makeup/body care provider, and two hair care lines. Right now, I’m trying and testing, finding my favorites. 

I’m loving Honest Owl’s vegan, pink clay and tulsi lymphatic circulatory deodorant balm. Better than any deodorant I’ve ever used, applying it requires massaging under the arms, a good practice for lymphatic drainage.

It’s a matcha kind of day. I’m listening to Ravi Shankar and am in the groove. Fresh greens for lunch, and June around the corner. Everything is good here.

Live in peace.

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