Solé Therapy, and Time to Plant Flower Seeds

I’m giving solé therapy a try

In the interests of giving anything reasonable a go, I’ve invested in this solé kit I found at Foodworks in Guilford.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of solé (pronounced ‘sol-ay’), but have been reluctant to try it, mainly out of concerns of water retention and blood pressure elevation. But the common sense reports of solé’s health advantages, including adding minerals to the diet, detoxing body tissues of accumulations of heavy metals and calcium, and increasing electrolytes – very important in summer – has convinced me to give it a careful try.

I intend to start solé therapy after my next period is over. Prior to and during the first couple of days of my period, I retain a staggering amount of fluid. Menstrual bloat for some women is a minor inconvenience: for me, it’s a full body metamorphosis that even the best quality Himalayan salt might make worse.

Today is day 2 of no rain! This weekend, I plan to pick up some more perennial flowers for the front flower gardens. Flower seeds – sunflowers, cosmos, zinnias, and nasturtium - will also be planted this weekend. Can’t wait.

Live in peace.

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