An Anniversary, a Garden Watermelon for Dinner, and जय जिनेन्द्र

We sliced into a ripe garden watermelon last night. Tossed juicy watermelon cubes with vegan soy feta, balsamic, and chopped garden basil. It was awe-inspiring.

For some reason this morning, I noticed my malas dangling from a mirror at home and thought they were beautiful.

It’s two months ago today that I went full-on vegan, and it’s been amazing. Food keeps tasting better and better. I think now that going vegan is the equivalent of quitting smoking: there’s an initial rough patch of a few days, but then your urge for addictive dairy starts to wane and is replaced by cravings for fresh fruits, veggies, and plant protein, and in the course of time, dairy becomes as unpalatable as meat was when you were vegetarian.

Beyond that, fresh fruits, veggies, grains, and beans taste better than ever. The body is a bit of magic, born of Mother Earth. It adapts and responds. It adjusts itself to new foods and new environments and amplifies the pleasure. It knows what’s best for good health. It rewards you for nourishing it well. And it’s definitely not omnivorous.

Sliced into a ripe garden watermelon last night. Joy! I had a obscenely huge bowl of melon with yummy vegan soy feta. The brand is Sunergia, and I recommend it. I drizzled some balsamic over it all and added some chopped garden basil. This was dinner. It blew my mind. Watermelon is so filling and hydrating. I’m so glad we’ve had success growing it this season.

My membership application to JCC (Jain Center of Connecticut) was approved this morning! I was doubtful about it, since a required question is, “What region of India are you from?” I’m from New York City – a long way from India. So I’m now a member of the Brookfield colony. This is going to be a great journey, and full of blessings.

Jai Jinendra.

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