Watermelon Harvest!

Our first Crimson Red watermelons of the season are ready for picking

Overnight, watermelons appeared everywhere. I had no clue they were there until last night, when my husband came in from picking cucumbers from the garden and said, “You better go out there and see the watermelons. Bring the scissors”.

Hiding behind and underneath the carpet of watermelon vines were many watermelons in varying sizes, from one really big one to lots of almost ready ones to apple-sized ones, to tiny baby melons. I grabbed the biggest one: in a few days, about three more will be ready to pick, and behind those are lots more.

Success with the watermelons, yay! Trailing the vines up trellises has worked, and I didn’t even tie on the stockings for fruit support. The big melon I plucked yesterday was just hanging there, suspended by its own delicate-looking but strong-as-steel vine.

That first melon is in the fridge now. I love watermelon cold. Tonight with dinner will be a garden fresh, cold watermelon. I can’t wait. This is what it’s all about.

We gave away about 20 giant cucumbers today. The cucumber production is insane. The kitchen counter is piled with them. Good thing someone just gave me a recipe for easy pickled cucumbers, a yummy vegan way to put up some of these gorgeous cukes.

Live in peace.

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