Squash Beetles Have Arrived

Yesterday, a bag of barley grass juice powder arrived. I’ve heard good things about it and its iron and mineral content.

The hungry squash beetle (Anasa Tristis) has come to town. Last night, my husband went to the garden to pick squash and cucumbers. As if overnight, our squash crop had become covered with squash beetles. He broke the bad news to me.

Squash beetles feed by piercing the plant with sharp mouthparts, then sucking up the plant’s innards until it’s dead. They reproduce all summer long, and once they arrive, they’re here to stay unless you’re willing to apply potent pesticides. And even then, they can make a comeback.

So my husband went back outside and tilled the squash crop to the ground, and that’s the end of our squash for the season. Veganic gardeners have no choice. We relinquish crops rather than spray. As painful as it can be, it’s a far, far better and kinder choice than poisoning the plants, soil, water, air, Earth, animals, insects, and ourselves.

And it’s a lesson in non-attachment. The garden reminds me that I have no real control over it, and it doesn’t belong to me. I must share it with wildlife, insects, and Mother Earth. I’ll plant and nurture it and protect it ethically, but I always have to be ready to release it.

We’re off to Block Island in a couple of weeks! I’m looking forward to time on the beach, lunches at our agreed-upon favorite eatery, Dead-Eye Dick’s, buzzing around on scooters, soaking up the sun, looking at all the beautiful people. and poking into shops. I’m psyched.

Totally unrelated: my husband surprised me with new yoga clothes! I was whining last week about the nice pants and camis I was seeing and why don’t my old yoga clothes have some finesse. I was being a brat. I wasn’t being mindful, grateful, or patient. Still, yesterday he brought home two pairs of Gaiam yoga pants (black and blue) and two awesome Gaiam camis (black and green). I think he likes yoga pants. But I’m really happy. You’re amazing, babe. ♥

Yesterday, a bag of organic barley grass juice powder arrived. I’ve heard good things about it and its iron and mineral content. I spooned four heaping teaspoons into this morning’s mango smoothie. It tasted pretty grassy. So tomorrow, I’ll cut the amount in half and see what that does. Sometimes I get overly enthusiastic about a new thing and overdo it. Note to self: patience.

Live in peace.

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