Treat Yo Self!

A $10 watermelon is an obscene thing, unless it's the end of February and you haven't had watermelon since September. In that case, it's a necessary treat.

So yes, I did drop $10 on a large, seedless, organic watermelon last night, and half of it is today's lunch. The other half will be a snack tonight, or breakfast tomorrow.  

And while I was treating myself, I also bought a large jar of raw almond butter, a box of organic strawberries, a jar of crunchy peanut butter, and an organic cucumber for coconut wraps.

For $40, I get to eat really, really well for the rest of the week. Totally worth it. Incorporating more raw food into my diet has been great. And as I've said before, I'm planning to go all raw for at least two weeks this summer. 

My husband and I are checking out the Unifer Festival in Tolland Massachusetts this June. He's never been to a conscious festival and is curious. I haven't been to a festival since we married. Long overdue.

Everything here is awesome. Tomorrow is March 1. We ordered more greens seeds this week. We're so close I could taste it, if it weren't for the overwhelmingly amazing taste of this beautiful watermelon.

Barbie xo

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