August's End

Insects munched the rest of the cantaloupe, and the green beans are winding down. Four more days left until September. Boo. But the tomatoes are coming in strong, and the Japanese and white eggplants are still producing lots of food. We put up jars of sauce this week, and will put up more this weekend. This is the time of year where sauce making goes into overdrive. I love it.

The tomatillos are almost ready, and just in time – two weeks until football season begins. And I’ll make peach jam with our peaches.

For some reason that escapes me, I am looking (a little bit) forward to winter. Although I dislike frigid cold, I love fresh snow, and I’ve just bought a new pair of blue après ski boots ( A new set of skis and poles is on my Christmas list.

I always enjoy new modes of indoor gardening in winter. There’s something amazing about a cold, snowy day on one side of a sunny window, and green things growing on the other side. We have a long, long window facing south in our home, and it’s the perfect spot for blooming geraniums, aloe, and herbs in winter. 

In November, I start forcing amaryllis bulbs in that window, and hyacinth bulbs go into the fridge in late September for a 12-week cold period before coming out for forcing sometime in January.

The autumn lettuce bed is coming in nicely, and we’ll have some lovely, fresh salads before the first snow flies.

It looks like the summer garden will wind down for good within a few weeks. Almost time to shift gears.

Thank you, Mother Earth!


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