Metatron’s Cube, the Fruits of August, and an Upcoming Pilgrimage

We pulled up all the yellow and green summer squash last weekend, and the new squash plants are ready to go into the ground. I don’t know if they’ll have time to mature before the first frost arrives, but I’m willing to try. 

Tomatoes are just rolling in every day now, as is the Japanese eggplant and string beans. Not as many cucumbers as we had hoped for, but plenty to feed us and a few to give away. The Holy Basil, which was cut back for tea over a week ago, is coming back quickly: there will be a second crop. 

It’s raining buckets today, and I’m so thankful for that. It’s been bone dry for weeks. And the tomatillos are getting fat!

And now, for one of my very favorite things – sacred geometry. Take a look at the image above. It’s my personal favorite - Metatron’s Cube – a sacred geometric symbol, 13 sacred circles (the flower of life), each connected to all the other by straight lines (the fruit of life), forming 78 lines. The circles represent the feminine, and the lines represent the masculine.

Within this cube, you’ll find each of the Platonic solids (see Plato) hidden within it. The Platonic solids make up all matter in the universe. These Platonic solids are the building blocks of matter, and occur in all organic life as we know it. 

This includes everything – including air, water, light, sound, music, minerals, languages, and art. It’s nature giving us a hint about who she is, how wonderfully synchronized she is, and your oneness with everything. It’s an awesome, awesome thing.

Leaving for a pilgrimage at the Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, New York, at the end of the month. So excited. The Great Buddha, the largest indoor Buddha statue in the world, is there. I’ve been wanting to travel there for a long time. It’s a very holy place, and many have reported receiving many blessings after praying in the Chuang Yen prayer room. So I’m super excited.

Love one another.



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