Our auspicious neighbors gave us some beautiful plants for our emerging shrine garden last weekend. Clusters of frilly yellow daylilies, soft purple Echinacea, white and yellow daises, columbine, and orange tiger lilies. 

The daylilies are absolutely gorgeous. They promised us more of those after the blooming period is past.

I planted everything in one morning, then added the thyme and oregano that were in pots in the potted garden, and this weekend, I plan to add the lavender and sage from the front garden. I’d like to add red poppies and a green weeping Japanese maple. The Buddha statue will placed on a stone platform in the ‘V’ formed by the plantings.

My husband wants to add a small stone bench facing the statue. I think that’s a great idea.

I’m really looking forward to having this corner of the property to go to for meditation, or just quiet. Even in the colder months, it will be enjoyable to stroll out there, burn some sandalwood, and sit.

We are very grateful to our kind and generous neighbors for helping this project along. 

This reminds me of a wonderful teaching I received from a Rinpoche a few years ago. He asked me what I wanted to be remembered for. I hesitated, thinking it was a difficult question with a complex answer. 

He said, “The best thing is to be remembered for kindness. Not money, popularity, beauty, wit, or any of the egocentric desires, all based on attachment. Strive for kindness.’



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