How to Handle Bushels Full of Kale, and Garlic Planting

Made a yummy kale and white bean stew last night. I will definitely buy this variety of kale seed (Russian Red) again next year. The kale has been growing like mad - through dry spells, wet spells, in spite of insects and bunnies and birds, it just keeps coming. I actually backed off kale for a while this summer (grew tired of it for a bit), and ended up bushwhacking tons of kale and giving it away to some vegan foodie friends. Last night, I felt an urge for kale again, and the kale patch was growing out of control, so I made food.

Without measuring, I stewed our own plum tomatoes, kale, onion, garlic, basil, and parsley for several hours, then added cooked white beans, sea salt, and pepper, and heated through. I also added a splash of California Moscato during the stewing process. Lastly, sprinkled it all with some Parmesan.

Planting garlic soon. September is garlic-planting time. I’m dedicating a 4-by-4-foot patch to garlic for next year’s crop. Garlic gets heavy use in our home. And there’s nothing like fresh, homegrown garlic. The store-bought stuff can’t compete.

Next month is the Mystic Garlic Festival, where my husband and I will try to score some black garlic. We go every year. It’s a great gathering. Mystic is a beautiful little seaside town.

Today is August 28. It’s cooler today than it’s been in months; only about 78 degrees. The daylight is a little softer, more diffused, tinged with gold. It’s getting darker earlier now; you can’t help but notice it. Football season starts in 12 days. I’m starting to think about cheese fondue and Aspen. I heard crows cawing today. The Earth and its inhabitants are moving away from the sun. Summer is drawing down.


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