Early Christmas and Essential Oil Therapy

Our new essential oil diffuser!

My wonderful husband bought me an early Christmas gift today. This is the NOW organics essential oil diffuser. Add fresh water, some pure essential oil (I’m using pine for its first run), turn it on, and in under 10 seconds, it’s putting out warmed vapor bathed in essential oil. And it lights up, changing splendid color every few seconds.

I love love love good quality essential oils. Natural and pure, I use them for everything from facial treatments to body oils to straight aromatherapy. Up until today, I filled a cast iron pot with water, added essential oil, and let it evaporate on the wood stove. But now, I can use this bamboo beauty.

He got it at Granby Village Health, right here in town. A good source for natural, unprocessed foods and amazing things like this diffuser.

Some of my fav essential oils are geranium, sage, pine, lemon, cardamom, lavender, eucalyptus, tree tree, and vanilla. They all remind me of the garden and summer.  There’s nothing better than that.

I thanked Todd with a batch of homemade chocolate chip, walnut cookies, which he and his son are munching right now.

Thank you, love. You're the best.


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