It’s All Dhamma

It was a perfect Thanksgiving.  Todd and I relished a quiet day at home together. The house was filled with delicious aromas, and there were football games all day.  We both agreed, as we sat down to eat, that this is the way to spend a holiday. Peacefully, quietly, with your favorite person in the world, doing the things you love most.

We got some gardening done Friday, when the temperature shot up into the low 60s, an uncanny warmth for this time of year. I pulled all the leaf mulch off the garlic bed, spread some greens and herb seeds over the top, and returned the mulch to the bed. I have an idea that come spring, when the soil reaches the right germinating temperature, the seeds will begin their growth atop the garlic. The fat rows of arugula, endive, parsley, and basil shouldn’t interfere with the garlic’s growth. This is what I’m hoping for. Every year, I try to get the greens bed going as early as possible. Under the thick layer of mulch, the seeds should be fine through winter. Cross fingers.

We also planted a dwarf alberta spruce in a large concrete planter at the front door. If it does well, it will be a permanent fixture there. It’s a lovely, tall tree, and looks perfect in the wide, white, carved round pot it now lives in.

We hung a balsam fir wreath at the front of the house, and lit the peace wreath at the front door.

So grateful.


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