Moon Dog Café!

My husband and went to Vermont this weekend. There’s a gathering place/eatery in the town of Chester that you should visit. It’s called Moon Dog Café, right on Chester’s Main Street. Chester, Vermont is a hippie enclave in Southern Vermont. It’s the coolest little town around, other than Haight Ashbury, San Francisco, where I used to hang out with my brother in summers, and is probably where I’d like to have some of my ashes scattered.

Everything about Moon Dog is right: the space’s zeitgeist (think 60s hippie consciousness raising meets Zen Buddhism), the warmth and soul of the owner and employees, the yummy vegetarian food, the better-than-any-Starbucks coffee you’ll ever get, the fresh fruit smoothies, homemade cakes and pies, the yoga gear and eclectic items for sale in every nook and cranny, the amazing décor, the people who hang there, and the fact that it’s dog friendly. 

There’s always great convo happening, and you can get your food while wearing your pajamas if you’d like. Get yourself a cup of hot maple – hot, frothed milk sweetened with Vermont maple syrup. I leave Moon Dog feeling like I’ve just been given a transfusion. It’s that awesome.

Right up the sidewalk from Moon Dog is Buddhaful Yoga, another place you should see. The whole, tiny downtown area of Chester is amazing. I was happy to be there, and sad when we had to head out.

Just wanted to share this.


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