Making Room for Food, Homemade Waffles, and Moon Time

I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2-tier, hanging fruit and vegetable basket for the kitchen. This past summer was another exercise in a dearth of counter space. Even though we provided plenty of space with the kitchen remodel, there was never enough in summer with all the veggies pouring in from the garden.

And although summer is over (boooooooo…), winter is the season of root vegetables, onions, and garlic, all of which take up their own counter space. And bananas, which I keeps lots of. And avocados, Asian pears, yams, and...well, you get it. I hate collecting gadgets and things, but it finally became clear that if we want lots of raw food in the house, we’d better create vertical space. This is a really stylized one, made of wrought iron, and uncommonly beautiful.

Speaking of gadget collecting, my husband announced that he would like a waffle maker for Christmas. Well, what he said was is that he would love a waffle maker. And since Christmas is coming, I took the hint. This girl hates kitchen gadgets, but homemade waffles will get him eating some meat-free food, and that’s worth making cupboard space for. I solemnly believe that one day, he will see the light, and make a compassionate choice about eating.

Let me commend a great movie to you. Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, is a conversation starter and potential life changer about the abject cruelty of the meat and dairy production industries. We need films like this one: objective examinations of the worst by-product of modern-day food production – the horrible suffering of sentient and terrorized beings. The animals. Backed up with better than just anecdotal evidence, there’s plenty of video and first-hand testimony that brings to light the horror of what goes into producing meat and dairy products. There are other films like Earthlings, but this one is the best I’ve seen yet.

I’m on my moon time this week. I find some relief from the pain of cramps, headaches, and even nausea through an increase in raw foods at this time of the month. Bananas are a big help (bananas are amazing). Munching on raw sweet potato and carrots instead of something cooked or processed is good for the body, female or not. But I really feel the difference now.


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