Baby Food Everywhere! And Homemade Wonton Soup

I tried my hand at wonton soup this weekend. A vegan version for me (lots of portabella mushrooms, tofu, cabbage, ginger, and onion), a meat and ginger version for my husband. The only work-intensive part of it is making the wontons by hand, one by one. Both versions came out delicious. As hot as the weather has been, my vegan version didn’t weigh me down. It was light and refreshing.

The cucumber vines have flowers! There are tiny peppers on the pepper plants, and baby string beans on the bean bushes. I also spotted some teeny green tomatoes on the cherry tomato plants! This week, we have to weed the food gardens again, and I’ll give everything another boost of magnesium and nitrogen.

I started the second round of summer squash seeds this weekend. With as quickly as everything is maturing in the garden, I have to ensure a late-summer harvest of my husband’s favorite. There’s only four more days left in June. In July, we start really pulling food out of the vegetable beds. I ordered 2 grams of Mycostop the other day. This should help halt, without pesticides, chemicals, or fungicides, the inevitable fusarium wilt that will start to appear in the food gardens in late July.

That casual little tomato garden I planted outside the kitchen window is becoming pretty formidable. I’m glad that two of the plants are paste tomatoes: lots of fresh sauce will come of them. In another month, I’ll be bushwhacking through the bed to get to all the tomatoes. Summer is awesome.

The basil bed is growing like crazy, but I have to start another one soon if we want fresh, young basil in late August. Yesterday, we pulled up two clumps of basil and potted them – one for my mother-in-law, the other for my brother-in-law. I love sharing our food. One of the best parts of the garden is giving pieces of it away.

One of our neighbors has pickling cucumbers coming in already. Yesterday, he gave us a bag of fresh picked cukes. Today’s lunch are those cukes made into a quick kimchi - chilled, sliced paper thin, drizzled with rice vinegar and olive oil. And some more vegan wonton soup.

We spent yesterday on our little boat in the ocean, and we’re both sunburned again. I washed my pink, burning face with raw honey last night. Food-grade, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil is what I use on my body after a shower most of the year, but especially now, when my shoulders, arms, back, and legs are red and hot, and a bit itchy.

Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap is a great wash once my skin has cooled down a little: try the peppermint for a really refreshing shower in summer. I add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the bottle to make it really minty. Bonus: the house smells like peppermint after I shower. In winter, I’ll switch to Dr. Bronner hemp rose or almond liquid soap. Dr. Bronner is still the best.

Live in peace.

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