Potatoes Sprouting in Compost, Rain, and a Few Days at Block Island

One of the best parts of being vegan: dinner!

Finally, some rain. Not much so far, but enough that the rain barrel is filling up. We went through a real dry spell here. Not only were we having to water the gardens a lot, we were getting worried about the supply of well water. But we’re going to need a lot more rain to make things good again.

Last night, I went to toss some veggie scraps into the compost bin, and found that a potato I tossed in there recently has sprouted. I’m leaving it alone, and will wait until autumn to see if growing potatoes in compost is a working equation. It will be a fun experiment. The other experiment, where I tossed some watermelon seeds into the bin, was looking good until all the insects that live in the bin ate up all the tiny watermelon plants. So now we know: you can’t grow watermelons in a compost pile.

On a happier note, the crimson watermelon plants in the food gardens are doing great. They are trailing up the trellises like crazy. We’ve never trellised watermelons before. I like this method. It saves lots of ground space, and gives the plants plenty of room to breathe. When the melons start coming in, we’ll tie them to the trellises with nylon stockings to offer support. If this works, I’m going to be very, very excited.

One of the best parts of vegan eating is dinner. Last night, I hogged Belgian waffles with strawberries and coconut flakes topped with maple syrup. It was so amazing that my husband and stepson both paused from their meatloaf for waffles of their own! I’m loving this new Belgian waffle maker.

My husband and I have booked a few nights at Block Island later this summer. We’re really looking forward to a few days on the island, time on the beach, and lunch at our favorite place, Dead Eye Dick’s. I’d like to sneak in one day at Martha’s Vineyard sometime soon. What I really want to do is hike over to Carly Simon’s ranch there and drink in some of the vibes. She’s one of my favorite people.

Live in peace.

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