Veganic Gardening, Earthing, and High Vibrational Foods

My butternut and garden basil vegan lasagna, which is amazing

Our garden peonies, just picked

Peonies placed as an offering at our indoor shrine

It was green spirulina/mango/banana smoothies all weekend! My new Green Vibrance superfood powder is great, and so is this Mason jar cover/straw set by Ball. Smoothies to go with no spills!

Is this the coolest lunch bag ever? Just a few dollars at Etsy

A great weekend overall. My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary Saturday with dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant, Hans. My Thai green mango tofu curry and rice was to die for. The food there is always delish. This eatery is clean, organized, friendly, efficient, affordable, and beautifully atmospheric. I enthusiastically recommend it if you’re near Granby.

Yesterday, we spent hours in the flower gardens, getting everything in order for summer. I finally planted sunflower, cosmos, and zinnia seeds (pretty late in the season), we moved perennials from the back of the house to the front flower beds, everything was deeply fed and watered, and finally, we spread cedar mulch over all. I fed the topiary and hydrangea with an acid fertilizer. We clipped some beautiful pink peonies from our peony bush, put them in a vase, and placed them on our indoor shrine.

It’s pretty much time to remove the arugula bed, so I planted a portable wood flat of arugula seeds for some summer arugula. But with the removal of the large arugula bed, there will be space for more veggies, so I’m thinking Japanese eggplant. The lettuce bed continues to do well, but as the temperatures rise, that will change, so we’re eating a lot of lettuce right now. The kale is ready to start being eaten. Everything else in the food gardens is thriving.

I made the mistake (I should always wear my glasses, but I don’t) of potting my new Meyer lemon tree in garden soil and not potting soil. I was noticing that the drainage was poor despite a pot with a big hole on bottom. So I carefully removed the tree and checked the soil. Sure enough, it was water logged. For potted plants, always, always, always use a light potting mixture, not heavy garden soil or topsoil. Meyer lemons in particular hate wet feet and require plenty of drainage. They’ll quickly develop root rot if their roots don’t breathe.

Vegan food at our house is just getting better and better. I made a butternut basil lasagna this weekend using our fresh garden basil. I served it hot with chunks of cold, sweet watermelon, and rustic bread. Beyond delicious. I also made vegan coconut carob chip cookies, and fed them to my husband without telling him they were vegan, and he hogged them! Win!

I’ve been thinking about this fish fertilizer we’ve been using on the food a garden. It’s amazing, water-soluble nitrogen, but it’s an animal product, and that doesn’t jive with my now full-time vegan lifestyle. Over the weekend, I gave my two old leather jackets to Goodwill, and the rest of my leather belts. So why am I using fish to feed the garden? Not good.

So we decided that we’ll use the remaining fish emulsion we have, and then begin full-on, ecologically viable, life honoring, veganic gardening at our home. This means, in part, no manure, blood meal, fish emulsion, or anything at all that is a product of animal slaughterhouses or animal confinement. The garden should be pure and free from any trace of animal suffering. We’ll get the purest, kindest foods this way. These are called high vibrational foods, and they make a huge difference for health and for all sentient beings.

Finally, summer is officially here because I brought my earthing sandals out and put them in the car. Barefoot is my thing in summer (see some of my many posts on the practice of earthing and barefoot hiking), but some folks don’t dig bare feet, so I keep my sandals in a sling bag and over my shoulder wherever I go, just for emergencies. But really, there’s nothing better than skin on Mother Earth.

Live in peace.

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