Yellow Squash is Here!

Walking the garden last night to pick greens for our dinner salad, my husband spotted yellow squash emerging everywhere from the squash plants. This is completely amazing. We planted these seedlings less than a month ago. They went from tiny seedlings to mature, food producing plants in three weeks. This is the work of the fermented fish emulsion. I’ve never seen anything like it.

But the fish emulsion applications will stop as soon as we run out of it, as we’re transitioning to veganic gardening this season. A little part of me mourns this after I see what it can do, but in order to cultivate a completely compassionate garden at our home, all animal products have to go.

We never used pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, so we’re already half way there. In order to thwart fusarium wilt this year, we’ll be applying a product called Mycostop, which is simply a bacteria suspended in dry form that merges with water and enters plants at the roots. This bacteria kills the bacteria that causes fusarium wilt, an infection that lives in much of Connecticut soil and that pretty much starts wiping out mature vegetable gardens sometime in August.

Everything is good. My new Elephant Pants came yesterday ( – two pairs will get me through summer cool, comfortable, and looking good. I luv Elephant Pants.

Live in peace.

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