Bean Towers, and Cacao as Primal Medicine

Firefly delivered our Belize cacao yesterday!

There are certain books that I know I’ll always go back to. Robert Lanza’s ‘Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe’ is one of them. Last night, I was drawn to it again.

The primacy of consciousness theory says that what we call space and time are forms of our own perceptions, rather than immoveable, tangible, cosmic, apart-from-us objects, forces, and laws.

It’s a theory that Lanza makes completely accessible to those who aren’t physicists. It also affirms and brings in scientific evidence to support popular ideas on self-realization and self-actualization. We create, with our minds, not only the arrow of time and the boundaries of space, but also our own personal experiences of reality. This thinking does and always has made tremendous sense to me.

A strict Catholic upbringing tried to indoctrinate me into the belief that all is governed by forces and laws that exist apart from ourselves and which act upon us in a personal and condemnatory way. But common sense and intellect always told me otherwise, and I broke from Catholicism many, many years ago. Trust your heart above all else.

I often read a good book, then give it away so someone else can be blessed. But I’ve selfishly held on to Lanza’s book, which, after 7 years, is now dog eared and covered with tea stains. It’s one of those reads that gives me something new every time. I don’t think I’ll ever be ‘done’ with it.

I ordered two giant bean towers for this year’s crop of pole beans, which is, Mother Nature-willing, going to be a good one. We have two varieties of Thai long beans, scarlet runner beans, and Kentucky pole beans. In recent years, there just hasn’t been enough raw green beans for me. My favorite garden treat is raw green beans just off the vine, still warm from the sun. If there’s a good crop, I munch them every day. High-vibrational food.

The nights are still cold here, and the tropicals are letting us know that they’re not happy about it. They’re developing very slowly. If we were having the glorious warm weather we should be having now, and in combination with the high nitrogen diet I’m giving them, they would be growing like crazy. It doesn’t look like we’re reaching 80-degree temperatures until the end of this month.

Yesterday, we received delivery of our Firefly Belize cacao, one pound of raw, organic, small farm, ceremonial-grade, sustainably harvested, heirloom variety cacao. It’s so potent and alive, that even wrapped tightly in its burlap bag, its fragrance fills the house. It’s heaven.

I made drinks for my husband and myself of about an ounce of cacao, hot coconut milk, cayenne pepper, vanilla bean, and agave. Almost immediately, we both felt this amazing download of energy. Raw cacao is magnesium-rich. Magnesium acts on the blood and hence, the heart, making cacao a potent heart opening heart food. Within minutes of drinking it, it opens the door into the spirit world. That’s pretty masterful for a plant.

Commercial chocolate has been ravaged and destroyed. It’s highly processed, cooked at high temperatures, and combined with tons of processed sugar and other additives. It’s lost it essence. It offers zero nutrition, but lots of fat and calories.

With uncooked cacao, all the chemical complexity of this magic food is still there. The oils are all still essential and amazing for you. The flavor is indescribable. Cacao is a plant, and its medicine must be accessed when the plant is consumed raw.

Summer is about the blessings of plants and Mother Earth, and growing stronger and wiser. Cacao is showing us new ways to receive this amazing love.

Live in peace.

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