Hello, June

This week, I visited Dharma Jewel, a very cool little shop in Mystic, Connecticut that offers Tibetan Buddhist spiritual items. It’s also a very photo-worthy place.

This morning, I placed a glass jar filled with anointed water and a few coconut almond black tea bags in the sun. Sun tea is a powerful drink, and one of the pleasures of summer.

After days and days of rain, the sun returned this morning! I quickly filled a glass jar with anointed water and coconut almond black tea bags and put it in the sun for the day. Tonight, I’ll remove the tea bags, add some agave, and refrigerate. Sun tea is one of the best parts of summer.

Today is June 1. The food gardens are planted, all the indoor plants (except for the diehard indoor-only houseplants) are outdoors, the flower seeds are sprouting, and the banana trees are in the ground. June is a magic month. It’s summer in its beautiful youth, fresh and lovely and full of potential. The sun slants just so, and the days are wonderfully long. We had an amazing lightning storm last night. The sun is infusing a jar of water and tea with its monumental healing power as I write this.

Tap water is just awful. It’s been endlessly recycled, processed, and hit with so many chemicals so many times that it’s been completely robbed of its energy and vitality. Frankly, it’s water that has been poisoned. Bottled spring water is better, but not by much: the chemicals inherent in plastic bottle packaging is widely known to leach into the water it holds.

Distilled water - or even better, double distilled water - is the closest thing to pure water that most of us can find. I’ve had a Megahome steam water distiller for a short time now, and it’s pretty much the best gift I ever received.

In the 1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted the now-famous series of experiments on water and consciousness that yielded an amazing result: water responds tangibly to its environment. Using double-distilled water, Dr. Emoto exposed the water to positive and negative affirmations, then froze it. 

Under magnification, it was observed consistently that the blessed water, when frozen, formed exquisite, snowflake-like patterns. The water that had been cursed, when frozen, formed ugly and discolored arrangements. In sample after sample, Dr. Emoto reported vast differences in the physiologies of waters that had been given affirmation and love, and waters that had been denied it.

So, if our bodies are largely water, imagine the impact our very words can have on each other, whether by enriching or impairing. Or the effect they have on animals. And on everything that lives.

Anointing water, or water blessing, is a practice that’s been around a long time. ‘Spirit water’, as some native American cultures call it, can be used for drinking, bathing, cooking, anointing oneself, and anointing others – including animals. You can bless your home, your car, and your workspace. Or your gardens.

There are many ways to bless water, so I’ll suggest that if you’re interested, do some online research. I favor the simple Balinese method of water blessing (check out one good tutorial at themojomecca.com). No matter the method, the goal is the same: to rid the water of barren energies and infuse it with love and potential.

Water is the bedrock of it all. We take it for granted, and that’s a big mistake. We assume that it has no end; that’s a deadly mistake. Honor the water, and honor the Earth.

Live in peace.

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