Solstice 2017: Summer’s Jewel Energy

The best time of the year has arrived. I know it, you know it –  summer is the best. 

Today is the first day of summer. The most potent of cosmic energies – at the highest point of energy during the year –  are upon us right now. The sun’s energy beckons us to find more joy, ask why we’re here, and how we may be of service. Our bodies become healthier – did you know that the risk of heart attack decreases with summer? – and this intense energy guides all of us to follow the calling of our hearts. We’re here, loves, so let’s get to it.

This is the time I make a list of the things I adore about summer, and a list of things I hope to do and experience before autumn arrives. My ‘adore’ list is easy:

Our food gardens
Sleeping under the stars
Fewer clothes
Bare feet
Our boat
Shell necklaces
Tank tops
How the Buddha Hall smells in the morning on a hot day
Fresh greens
New salads to try
New curries to try
(Vegan) corn chowder
Watching our puppers swim
The sounds of crickets, bullfrogs, and peepers
Tanned skin (everyone’s skin improves in summer – scientific fact)
Bleached hair (the best highlights come from the sun)
Motor scootering on Block Island
Sleeping on the sheets
Picking our garden flowers
Smudging and burning incense in our gardens
The color yellow
The smell of cut grass
Summer retreats
Day trips
Making fresh herb waters
Brewingsun tea

My ‘to-do’ list is also simple:

Stay as close to the ocean as possible
Brew and drink as much sun tea as possible
Give away as much of our garden food as possible
Go barefoot everywhere and risk getting in trouble
Be of service to as many beings as possible

My ultimate hope, as it is each summer, is to enjoy and be grateful for everything.

Nature is very busy now. Mother Earth has just a few months to make magic happen. Everything – sun, wind, rain, soil, insects, microbes, birds, and animals – works together to renew life, that life may continue. Everything is now stepping into its fullest potential, aligning to its highest path. We can all feel it.

Summer is the time to channel our creativity, be it writing, music, painting (take your easel outside!), knitting, hooping, chanting, macramé, photography, gardening, or, like my husband, making ‘mods’ to the boat.

Summer is the perfect time to grow personally and to reach out to others. Give away lots of garden food (you’ll find that when you give away more than you think you should, Mother Earth and Karma respond by completely replenishing your garden); clean out books and take them to the library so they can sell them at their September book sale (support your library!); participate in a human rights march (bring sunscreen); take a summer course that meets only once or twice a week; offer to babysit someone’s pupper or kitty so they can go away without worrying (only if you’re equipped to care for a dog or kitty); or take a friend to the beach or on a boat ride. And if life tells us to go somewhere else, or do something new, then do.

This is the time of the year to get out of our comfort zones. Winter is about being still and close to home, contemplating, planning, and resting. Summer is about trying something new. It’s about facing and loving our bodies. It’s about evolving ourselves and the planet. Trust. Surrender.

Summer, in its divine timing, is here. The Feminine is in her power now. She’s ready to serve the highest and best in us. And we, in turn, are energized to be of service to a divine purpose greater than ourselves.

The jewel energy is flowing. The ocean awaits. This girl loves summer.

Live in peace.

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