Someone Munched the Green Beans, and Cacao Magic

Cacao offers us gifts of insight, vitality, and heart-opening. The vibes are amazing.

The neighborhood wildlife has discovered our food garden. This morning, we woke to find that someone had nibbled the young green bean plants down to the soil line. Somehow, the nearby beds of fresh, tender lettuces, kale, and arugula are untouched. Strange.

We’ll have to replant the green beans. This is going to set us back about a month. I’m not thrilled with this, but it’s not uncommon. Setting out young plants in the garden is like ringing the dinner bell for hungry deer, rabbits, and chipmunks.

After the moment of frustration passes, I remember that we’re called to share the Earth with each other, the critters were here long before me and have a greater right to be in this space, and there’s just no point in being sad about it. The only thing to do is re-plant, and hope for better luck.

We are all about raw ceremonial cacao right now. My husband and I shared our second cacao ceremony last night. Five minutes after my first sip, my chest expands and my mood improves. A burst of creative energy runs through me. Insights begin to flow. The stimulating effects of the cacao have none of the jittery elements of coffee – the vitality I feel is mental, not physical. I understand completely now why indigenous peoples use raw, native cacao in their spiritual ceremonies.

Last night, I felt compelled to thank the cacao before we drank. The cacao plant has offered us a wonderful gift. Despite our ill treatment of them. plants want to bless us – with curative wound herbs like rosemary and southernwood, healing roots and rhizomes like turmeric and ginger, and heart-opening plants like cacao, sweetgrass, and white sage.

I don’t believe that plants are inert, insentient beings at all. How plants experience the world is a mystery as yet. But it’s plain to see that they experience life and interact with it. They mean to help us and heal us. Mother Earth just keeps blessing us all.

Live in peace.

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