Forsythia fever

All righty then. We’re deep in the clutches of the Connecticut winter, but those in the know have a way to "force" the issue of spring. You know all those forsythia bushes – that grow like weeds in yards, along roadways - that burst into yellow decadence each spring? Well, here’s an easy way to bring some of God’s glory into your home in the dead of winter, while doing the bush some good (vis-à-vis some light pruning). No master gardener degree required. The only equipment you need is a sharp pair of pruning shears or scissors:

1. Pick a day that is above freezing
2. Cut the forsythia stems in lengths of less than 3 feet, and bring them home.
3. Put the stems in a vase of clean, warm water and place near a bright window.
4. Stand back and wait for the show (about 1-2 weeks).

You can also do the same thing with pussy willows. Here's a few branches I took about a week ago. Not in full bloom yet, but sweet all the same.

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