Getting Our Garden On

Basil gets an early start in our house

Meet Fish Taco

I’m waiting (im)patiently for the frost-free date for Granby, Connecticut, which this year, is May 10. It’s unlikely we’ll get any frost after this date. The virtually guaranteed absolute frost-free date for our little town is May 24, but many of us eager food growers stick with the earlier date for planting out. Go here for the frost-free dates in your area:

I am germinating basil, cilantro, and Italian parsley indoors now, and soon, will start the watermelon seeds. Watermelon is pretty easy to grow in the Northeast if you adhere to two rules: grow only the small varieties (i.e., organic ‘Sugar Baby’), and; start your seeds indoors in late April, in peat pots, and in late May, plant your peat pots in the garden whole, without disturbing the plants’ roots.

Only the smaller watermelon varieties will have time to mature during our short growing season. Starting plants indoors extends the season somewhat. And it’s very important not to disturb the root system of young plants. Watermelon hates any of that.

We just acquired a recycled raised garden bed for early spring greens. As soon as the snow melts, it will take its place at the center of the food garden.
The food garden will be simple this year: greens (kale, dandelion, lettuces, spinach) in spring and summer; herbs (Italian parsley, basil, Thai basil, cilantro, lemon balm, sage, lavender, thyme); peaches; watermelon; Jamaican hot peppers; eggplant; tomatoes; cucumber; and green beans for my husband.

In other news, the sourdough bread turned out GREAT (and the starter is happy in the fridge), the kombucha scoby is fattening up, kefir grains are multiplying, I have 3 Kesar mango pits in pots or over water, an avocado pit suspended over a glass of water, and papaya seeds germinating in the sunny window.

Oh, and we have a new goldfish; his name is Fish Taco. He has already been upgraded to a bigger bowl than the one pictured here.

I’m so ready for the 2015 growing season! Four days to go until spring! 

Namaste. Thank you, Mother Earth!

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