Super Good Thing Happened to Me Today

Warm, happy vibes today.

I went to my favorite local food source, Garden of Light in Avon, on my lunch break to pick up some groceries. I also grabbed a really pretty blue scarf there – Thailand made, only $7, can’t go wrong. 

When I went to pay with my debit card, my card was declined (it turns out my husband had made a purchase with the card and we got our signals crossed; it happens). It was really embarrassing when the clerk put the card through a second time and it was declined again. So I left my groceries on the counter, apologized, and started to leave. With my tail between my legs.

Then the owner, a great guy who really walks the walk, asked me if I wanted to just leave an IOU for the $20 and take my stuff with me.

WOW - who does that anymore? He always sees me getting my food there, so he knows me by face. But still. You don’t see that kind of faith anymore. It really made my day.

Another reason why I love love love Garden of Light. Good, fresh organics, and a great vibe going on. Drop by there for some great shopping. They’re at 395 West Main Street in Avon, Connecticut (

Today would have been my Daisy’s birthday, so I have been really down all day. Last night was hard too. But this goodness happened, and I feel like Daisy had something to do with it.

Someone did nice for me. Have to pay it forward now.

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