The Cleanse, Day 2

My BFF Sunny and I embarked on a 3-day liquid detox fast at midnight Sunday. It’s late afternoon Tuesday now. So far, so good.

Intermittent fasting is good for giving your tummy a rest from the work of digestion. Aside from a few pounds lost, the right detox also purges excess water and toxins. 

I’m particularly lucky this time, as the garden parsley has survived nicely under the snow, and I’ve been able to use it as a natural diuretic. It’s also good to get used to the feeling of being hungry. An abundance of food lets me forget what a growling stomach feels like. It’s good to growl from time to time. Rest, my little tummy.

I’ve purchased the Joyus 48-hour cleanse, and if this cleanse goes well, I’ll just do the 2-day fast with Joyus in the next couple of weeks. Two days is totally manageable. Three or more days gets a little hard.

Last summer, with the garden’s help, I toned up and slimmed down a bit on green juices straight from the herb and vegetable patches. Lots of fresh parsley, kale, and fresh cucumber, paired with unfiltered coconut oil, made some tasty juices that were real workhorse diuretics.

If Sunny and I make it the full three days, we plan to do 5 or 7 days next, probably sometime next month. It’s been a long, carbohydrate-filled winter. We’re both pretty bummed about what all the yummy holiday and cold-weather food has done to our bodies. Summer is coming. We both want to welcome it with open arms.

Summer is definitely the best time to do this. I’m looking forward to some summer cleanses. The organic gardens make it so easy and satisfying. Thank you, Mother Earth, for making life great is so many ways!

Namaste and peace.

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