Lily Dawa (Lotus)

All is well at the homestead. My husband just got the high-five from his surgeon, meaning that everything has gone great since his January 7 surgery, and he is back to good health. Which is wonderful news, and just in time for growing season! So thankful.

Winter doesn’t want to let go just yet. Today is March 30, and we had snow. Very little stuck to the ground, but it still feels like winter.

I planted another large pot of cilantro seeds yesterday, and went out to the shed for the first time since, I think, October. I did a little housekeeping around the gardening table and potting area, and hung new prayer flags. The winter wind carried off our beautiful peace flags, which is good. I hope they found someone who needed them.

Nothing new to report on the gardening front just yet. Tonight, I’m going to experiment a bit with garam masala (a colleague’s talk about it reminded me how much I miss this warming spice) and yogurt. I’m thinking roasted seitan and brown rice. And something green.

The thing is, as a hot-blooded Pitta dominant body type (read up on your ayurvedic medicine my loves), I’m supposed to avoid spicy foods. But I have a trace of Kapha there too, which is a cooler, slower disposition, and which calls for warming spices, food, and drink. I let myself indulge in spicy foods now and then. I love curries and warming foods. And hot, strong tea.

Last but not least - I don’t know about this claim, but guess who’s going to try it?

Today’s photo is our auspicious Lily Dawa; her Dharma name is Lotus. She will be one year old on May 1. She is doing great, and I love her body and soul.

Patience - Kshanti – until the warmth arrives. Meanwhile, pray to Lord Śakra for spring weather.


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