Riots Indoors, and a Scoby is Born

Aloe, seedlings, Kesar mango pits, avocado pits, African violet

Basil, white geranium

African violet

Aloe, Kesar mango in water

Fresh, homegrown basil

White geranium

Avocado tree, red and pink geranium


The pace is picking up here at the homestead. The indoor garden (see photos above) absolutely knows it’s spring and is putting forth all new growth and flowers. Both geraniums are fat and in bloom. Basil, parsley, and cilantro seeds are germinating fast. Kesar mango pits I suspended over water just last week are already putting out tap roots. The avocado tree suddenly sprung up in height, and the African violet bloomed overnight.

Indoor gardening is auspicious and rewarding. And to watch the rhythm of nature at work – for instance, when spring comes, the plants respond viscerally – is heartening after a long, cold winter.

Speaking of cold, it’s still frigid here, March 23, 2015. Winter is reluctant to let go, but will have to eventually. Then, the outdoor garden becomes the focus. 

Until then, we move on with seed germination for the food garden and experiments with new varieties of GMO-free, organic food seeds. Looking forward to purple tomatillos.

Tonight, I’m going to start the hydroponic herb garden, and will post photos when it’s underway.

And – drumroll please! – the kombucha scoby is finally ready (photo above).This 6-inch-wide circle of beneficial bacteria and yeasts will make as much fresh, homemade ‘buch as I will ever want in my lifetime. It took nearly 6 weeks to grow to maturity, and there were a few stinky days in the kitchen, but it was worth it. I think it’s as cute as a button.

Speaking of things as cute as buttons, Lily Dawa is thriving. She will be 11 months old April 1. She’s an energetic pup, but is very slowly mellowing and getting with the program. I am completely in love with her.

Dropped in at Garden of Light this afternoon for some fresh kale, sunflower seeds, and coconut sugar. I spotted something called maca root. This is new to me. It has lots of reported, super good, beneficial properties, including that of a potent aphrodisiac (that’s always a good thing!). I’m going to try it with the morning juices this week. 

Peace on earth.

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