A State of Awe, Hyacinths, and Biogenesis

Picked up a small bag of hyacinth bulbs this weekend. They went into the fridge, marked with the date. In about 16 weeks, I’ll pull them out of the cold, pot them up, give them a little water, and place them in a bright window. Soon after that, they’ll start to sprout, and not long after, bloom. A promise of springtime in winter. It’s always an awesome thing to watch, no matter how many times I do it.

Get yourself into a state of awe. See God in nature; find your spirit in green things growing and the miracles of enduring life. A hyacinth bulb, despite its appearance, is not a dead thing. It’s life in one phase, about to transition into another phase. Just like us. It’s called biogenesis. Life begets life.

A friend and I were talking last night, when she asked me my view on the nature of life. I don’t have many answers. I do have plenty of questions. Like - when you wiggle your finger, what is that? What makes it happen? While it’s true I can go into your brain and find the command center that governs finger wiggling, no one has been able to find the commander in the command center. But the commander is there, somewhere. It’s the Source. It’s the spirit that gives everything life.

Honor all life, all of which is a miracle and amazing, by practicing non-interference, reverence for all (animal, vegetable, mineral), honesty, kindness, service, and by killing nothing.

May your life force grow and prosper.

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