Found Food and Compassion Meditation

I just received a lesson in ‘it’s not over until it’s over’.

Last night before dinner, I checked out what’s left of the food garden. Ten minutes later, I was back in the kitchen with more Japanese eggplant, green peppers, and beets than I could carry in one trip. Lots of fresh garden food was hiding under and behind all those leaves! I’ll make a tray of eggplant parmesan tonight. Peppers and beets are great for roasting. The garden just keeps giving.

On another note, the cheese culture came in the mail yesterday, so this weekend, I’ll be making our first batch of quark. Really psyched about this. If this works as I hope, we’ll have lots of healthy snacking cheese for winter. Some crunchy veggies and fresh quark sounds like a yummy football game snack to me. So grateful.

After you get all nice and comfy in bed tonight, in the last 5 minutes before you fall asleep, try a compassion meditation to benefit all sentient beings. Focus on deep inhale/exhale. As you inhale, in your mind, say the words ‘sadness’ and ‘suffering’. As you exhale, in your mind, say the words ‘comfort’ and ‘compassion’. Think of the humans and animals who suffer. Inhale, and take in their sadness and suffering. Exhale, and send them comfort and compassion. Repeat until you are asleep. What a great way to spend the last 5 minutes of the day.


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